We Help Recover Lost Billing Funds

Operr Service Bureau (OSB) is licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide our third party billing services (ID#05191346).

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Recover More Money

The Operr Service Bureau (OSB) can provide comprehensive billing services from beginning to end, such as: checking eligibility, sign-offs, submissions, corrections and 'look-back' billing. No company in the US can offer the same range and quality of services, only we can, and do so. Transportation Bases leveraging OSB services on averge find at least 10- 20% more recoverable funds than their previous billing service. Simply, other billing services don’t work. Our look-back billing service recovered subtantial money that other billing companies overlooked. Give us a try today.

Billing Service Benefits

OPERR has succeeded in assisting clients to recover lost income from denied Medicaid claims. OPERR is also able to process past billing data for lost revenue with the industry’s first and only ‘Look-Back’ billing algorithm.

Thorough Checks

OSB not only provides billing services for current billing periods but also "look-back" through previous billing data for invoice errors or underpayments.

Reduce Costs

Our automated billing module utilizes advanced technology to substantially reduce losses from costly errors incurred during the billing process.

Software & Service

Look-Back Billing is provided as a platform module or as a professional service by OPERR® Service Bureau (a fully licensed OPERR subsidiary).

Trust But Verify

The OPERR Service Bureau platform software allows the provider to check the  beneficiaries’ eligibility before service is provided.

Minimize Errors

OSB reduces staff workload and helps increase their accuracy, by automatically compiling billing documents, records and trip history.

Smart & Flexible

The Operr Service Bureau software is even capable of auto-compiling & re-submitting claims where info is omitted or erroneous.


We are fully licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide our billing services (ID#05191346) to third parties, such as any type of NEMT or other transportation businesses.

No Hidden Fees

There are no suprises. If we do not find recoverable money for your business, we will not charge you for the billing 'look-back' service.

Millions Recovered

New York City area transporation businesses have been leveraging the power of our billing oversight to recover millions of dollars.

Available Online

Your billing department staff can leverage our billing tools to help your business prevent costly mistakes and save money every day.

Multi-Provider Compliant

The platform is compliant with all the major NEMT transportation provider rules such as MAS, LogistiCare and others.

Safe & Secure Data

All the information is safe and secure in our cloud-based system which utilizes the latest security and encryption technologies.

Regulatory Compliant

Our billing module automatically makes its data and document output compliant with various market regulations in all national regions.

Actual Client Recovery Figures

Our clients are some of our best promoters. We have saved countless transportation companies millions of dollars collectively. Here are a few examples of actual OSB client recovery figures. We can provide many more in-depth examples upon request, such as during any of the Look-Back billing service consultations.

Client Date Ranges Recovered Trips
Company A 04/24/2017 - 12/31/2017 $8,204.36 93
Company B 04/24/2017 - 07/12/2018 $26,960.38 790
Company C 01/01/2018 - 05/02/2018 $167,173.71 4493
Total Recovered $202,338.45

Other Products

The OPERR Group has created many convertible application products and offers numerous enterprise level business services in the transportation industry and its tertiary markets.

OPERR Platform

Our Dispatch Management Platform with Integrated Booking & Dispatching is perfect for any car service, limo or NEMT service provider.

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Business productivity tools designed specifically for data-entry intensive businesses such as offices or customer service centers.

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Digitize your business phone system with professional multi-level touch-tone menus, custom extenstions, voicemail and automation options.

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OPERR Health

OPERR Health™ is the new standard in senior care business operations software and secure client management applications.

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